Who we are.

We are alchemists, infusing our products with love and intention to create spa rituals to nourish and care for your body temple.

We are aromatherapists, trained and certified, with over 20 years of experience with essential oils. Creating custom blends, and our own signature scents to awaken, relax, and restore balance and harmony.

We are trained and certified herbalists, infusing botanicals in all of our creations. From wild foraging, or cultivation, and sustainable sourcing we handcraft our products with pure and organic ingredients from start to finish.

We are planet protectors - being ever mindful of our impact, and how we can better improve our sourcing and packaging to ensure the well being of our Mother Earth.

We are holistic health practitioners, with over 25 years professionalism in the spa and wellness industry.

We are passionate about offering quality, pure, and nourishing products to support well-being inside and out.

We are small town, family owned, and operated :)